The Tour D' East Africa Cycle is the most prestigious and longest annual cycling expedition across the East African region.Our pioneering cycle route takes us through Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.

We use cycling to:

  • Promote cycling tourism across East Africa
  • Encourage business and trade across East Africa; and
  • Motivate children, the leaders of tomorrow, to take action now on Climate Change.


The Route

Tour d'EAC 2021 will take place over a 55-day period, starting in Dar es Salaam on August 1st. Over the following 55 days, we'll ride almost 6,000 kilometres through beautiful national parks, rolling hills and bustling towns before arriving at Arusha on September 25th.We never ride more than 120 kilometres in one day, and Tour D'EAC offers a unique opportunity to experience the history, culture and people of East Africa with an energetic group of passionate cyclists.

The Experience

In the evenings, we'll camp in the Tour d`EAC village in each local community, eating meals together from seasonal, locally sourced foods.Full tour riders will form a platoon for each stage, accompanied by a support group carrying first aid equipment and gear. All stages are 'ride-able' for cyclists of all ages and capabilities, including beginners, male, female, adults, children and para riders.

Select stages will include an optional competitive event, organised by the local cycling clubs or community organisations. The competitive element is optional with the option existing for other riders to complete that stage at their own pace.