What’s the Great African Cycling Safari / EABT and why it is so great?

Great African Cycling Safari is fun you will have on two wheels for 55 days crossing 5 borders of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi, meeting, seeing, networking and with Solidarity creating awareness about the EAC integration process.

What are the riding options?

15, 30, 50-mile, full day, multiple days, or 55 days our cycling route is published on www.eactour.bike

Who do I contact for more information?

You can reach us at eacbiketour@gmail.com

Is Great African Cycling Safari a race?

It is a fun way for cyclists of all levels to get out and enjoy the road. This is NOT a race.

Can I ride with a child/pet in a trailer?

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all riders, we encourage short distances for children

I don’t want to ride. Can I still participate in the after-party?

Yes! On daily basis, we have Spectator: Post-Ride Party organized by sponsors and Host communities.

Are there water stations along the cycling routes?

There is at least three rest stop on each stage. Rest stops have water.

What are some things I shouldn’t ride without?

Helmets are required. We also strongly suggest bringing a water bottle for easy fill-ups along the route to stay hydrated!

What’s the check-in process?

For the full circle riders, check-in is done two days to the actual start and for a short distance or stage riders, check -in- is done in the morning of the flag off. Check-in is very fast. Please arrive at least 30-minutes prior to your individual start time with a valid ID.

When do I pick up the included or pre-purchased merchandise?

All event merchandise will be available for pick up at the event after-party.

What kind of bike should I bring?

A mountain or and off-road bike is best for all the passages, but any bike type will do! We love seeing awesome, creative bikes out on the course!

What’s your refund policy?

Great African Cycling Safari does not allow refunds or deferments.

Do we have to ride in bad weather?

You do need some rain gear. You will ride even under some rain. If the leaders see that it is unsafe to ride, they will plan or adjust accordingly and substitute the ride with an alternative activity such as a home visit.

Am I going to be able to accomplish the ride?

  • Until we see you riding over a couple of days, we have no way of knowing what you can do on a bike. But remember: 
  • It would be best if you ride at your own pace and not anyone else’s.
    If you start the week conservatively, you’ll find yourself improving and getting stronger.
  • Break down long climbs into manageable portions (hydrate and take pictures at each stop!).

Do I need to fix my bike?

Well, having some mechanic skills does not hurt? One of Great African Cycling Safari's nice things is that there is always someone with the skills willing to help. And if anything, serious happens the service team can be relied on.

Do I need to bring my own bike or can I rent one?

Bringing your own bike ensures that you will be comfortable without adaptation time. Our service team can help you assemble it on arrival.

Will I need a helmet/pedals?

Sure, consider bringing your own helmet, bike saddle and pedals if you use clip-in shoes.

How about meals?

The meals will be typically East African.

Will I be left behind?

Much as there will be fast riders, you are encouraged to ride at your pace, and no one will be left behind.